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"the fact that they said you could have gone back to work so soon, yes in want terrible pain for the next four months

"They make it seems is so easy with great results, lies!!!!

"They should refund you."

"A lot of money for little results or not results

Don't waist your money like I did, go to gym, eat healthy and you will get better results.

If something sounds to good to be true, it is. I hope others who go through with lipo have a great experience and get great results. I do believe society has truly damaged humans in regards to desperately seeking desired appearances and being physically accepted as attractive by the general public to the point where we pay for results and are devastated when the results are not at all what we prayed for.

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Graham, Washington, United States #865850

I totally agree!! I did the same thing I am sooooo beyound PISSED!!

I never had a belly in my life and now I have a belly even with exercise will not go away!!

Very Depressing!!

What a waist of $7000.00. Everyday I wake up angry..

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