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Sono Bello offers both laser assisted liposuction and the facial aesthetics procedures and we’ve helped more than 65,000 people achieve their goals. We’re sorry that you did not have a good experience and we would welcome the opportunity to have you come back into the office for a followup consultation to see what options we might have available to help you reach your goals.

I had laser lipo at sono bello tampa on 5/16/2014. It truly was the worst mistake I have ever made!!

Not only do i not have the body they promised I have pain pain pain. From when I walked in for consultation to the actual procedure all I ever was was a paycheck for them. The day of procedure was the worst of all with all the unprofessionalism from certain staff and not to mention they allowed my friend and my privacy to be compromised. The sales girl actually came into my procedure and pulled the doctor out to look at a POTENTIAL client she had waiting in her office WTF seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much more but..... all I can say is dont do it you will only be wasting your money.

Oh yeah and when I asked for my money back all they wanted to offer was 8 venus freeze treatments which would not help with the issues i have. PLEASE DONT DO IT ITS SUCH A SCAM

Product or Service Mentioned: Sono Bello Procedure.

Monetary Loss: $4200.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #868970

Did you ever go back and speak with the doctor about a solution or just write a bad review? I see this all the time with people with unrealistic expectations to begin with. I don't doubt you had a bad experience I just want to know what you have done to resolve this issue other than write a review?

Tampa, Florida, United States #818213

I am also a patient of Sono bello – and I ‘ve done my research prior to choosing them – (googled, city search, and yelp) and it seems as though you are the only one that has had this experience at the Tampa Location … from my experience, the staff has and still continues to go beyond to satisfy every concern that I have (and there has been a few during my healing phase) and I can tell you that up to three weeks out – it was challenge due to my healing, after that period, I couldn’t be happier.. The staff is incredible – I feel like family – and know with out a doubt, that I can go there or call there, whenever I want.

– from the consultation (which I would not describe as sales.. ) to the post ops – I am more than satisfied… seems like you need to wait for a more legitimate result and more importantly , call them I know the staff will go above and beyond to help

Seminole, Florida, United States #818207

It seems as though it is too premature to write such a negative review. Being done on the the 16th and it is only the 22nd.

Cosmetic surgery takes time to see the true results! Your swelling has not even gone down. I have had surgery twice there over the last year and would not have done so if I was not entirely pleased with the results as well as the professional staff at Sono Bella especially the compassion and knowledge of the sales team. My friends also had surgery there and will use them again in the future.

Give it will see you judged to fast!!!

J. Weck


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