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This took place at the Edina Mn location with Chandra.

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This is a business using high pressure sales tactics and misleading/lying to the patient to close the deal.The procedure is done while you are awake- you hear and towards the end can feel what is taking place.

Be warned prior to going that you will be pressured to make a decision that day and required to put down a non refundable 1000.00 deposit.

Ask questions about the garments and all that is required for months of after care....it is necessary if the "contouring" is to be successful.I am a bit concerned as a few areas are different from one side to the other but hope this will correct in the next few weeks....

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Roseville, Minnesota, United States #797671

I had the same experience with Chandra in January.First she gave me a quote with inflated prices without the "discount" which was absurd at $10k+ for 4 areas.

She said if I scheduled my appt that day she would take $2k off the quote. When I told her I need time to think about it and would have to talk it over with my fiancee she asked if I could call him right then! Can you believe that??? She delivered a sleazy high pressure sales pitch which I didn't fall for.

Thanks but no thanks!

Don't even think of booking a consult at Sono Bello!Very unprofessional!

to SayNoToSonoBello Edina, Minnesota, United States #798811

Same approach but 4 areas for 8k with 2000.00 discount but we had to pay that day or it would not be honored if we left.Feb 6 and I still have alot of soreness, many areas with no feeling and uneven areas.

The hard areas are getting better but still very concerned it will not be even.

I am faithful about wearing my garment all the time except showering and am doing the massaging as required.All part of the "contouring process" and that it is.


how long ago did you have the procedure?I had thighs done a month ago or so.

i think they are definitely not exactly the same size but they were not pre lipo either. i think it may be impossible to get them exact.

i keep massaging the area....

my dr told me to do that as the body contours back in place.it think there will always be some kind of lumpiness to the area.

to anonymous Edina, Minnesota, United States #798814

Feb 6.Still sore with alot of ares with no feeling still and areas that concern me as well as they are not the same side to side.

I go back May 15 for my 3 month check up and it will be interesting to see if being uneven is normal or a genuine patient concern.

Seems to me many patients are having to deal with these issues being "normal" after the procedure and are now being told if they went to re-do they would reduce the rate..... Really?? Pay to fix something that was never right to begin with??

And that my friends is my Sonobello story....May 15 3 month check up will be very interesting......

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