I have called this company 8-12 times now asking them to cut down on the number and frequency of their ads on my favorite channel 4.2 metv

Any company that can afford to advertise months on end every 10 minutes with a 1 min or longer ad is making too much money. They have been unresponsive to my requests.

(do you know how much a 1 min ad costs a company)? I have also told them that it feels like harassment. I just tried to submit this review and they demand at least 100 words.

What more can I say than I am so sick and tired of their disgusting photos and constant ads? Why won't they respond?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sono Bello Commercial.

Reason of review: unrelenting disgusting ads that never stop.

Preferred solution: give us all a break from your disgusting ads.

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I should have know it was false advertisement


Amazing! You can have fat sucked out of your belly, and your face is magically thinner as well......


I am tries if there false ads. No way any body looks like that after one day.

They took me for my money, I would like to sue them! Ken


I agree 100%! They are on all of my local stations too, Fox 6 and 24.

I also have the same thoughts as you did.

The ads are on so often in there so long, that they apparently have too much money to waste. I might call my local stations and complain to them about the ads.


LOLOL!!! I JUST searched the web to see if anyone else has complained about this.

What *** me off about the commercials is that background "theme/music" whatever you want to call it with someone really lightly singing OOOo Ooo OOO OOOOOoooooo... Like a *** owl.


The current (02- 23-18) commercial that you are running on Heros and Icons tv in the Phoenix Az. area is the most annoying thing on TV tight now.

I believe that given the current load of garbage on broadcast TV, that is saying a lot! The whiney sniveling female and her "I can't believe I got here" line is thoroughly obnoxious and earns a quick mute or channel change as soon as it comes on.


Sonobello should be ashamed for airing such nauseating and disgusting pictures. People should not have to look at those almost naked blobs of lazy lard, especially first thing in the morning or during dinner.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1304247

The only way that they will stop is when they see that it's in their interest to do so. I plan to do some research about the point at which the number of tv ads becomes negative advertising.

I will then share this with SB. I changed channels to get away from SB, and they've shown up on the new channel.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1187006

Turn off metv, get off the couch and go get a job!

to Anonymous #1324120

It doesn't matter how active or lazy people are at home, Sonobello ads are annoying. Don't be a ***!

Portland, Oregon, United States #1176401

Finally someone thinks like we do!!!

We are sick and tired of Sonobello's disgusting TV ads which we get to see at every commercial break! Even people at work said the same and it turns them off from even watching it.

We just look away or change the channel.

Who wants to see blubber every five minutes. Also they represent being able to look slender and beautiful by having young models walk across the screen having folk think that maybe these women were transformed by Sonobello, much like young women looking dreamily into the camera (pretending it is a mirror) stroking their faces 'telling us' we could look young and beautiful like them if we used a certain skin cream.

The world is full of baloney and thankfully a lot of us can see through their false advertising and scams like the previous poster did.

to Anonymous #1323598

I just think the nudety of the ad to be morally wrong. It should not be there for all to see.

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