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Dear Anonymous,

I was troubled by your posting. Ensuring our patients’ candidacy and safety is the number one priority. Unfortunately, that means that at times we may not be able to perform our treatments due to someone’s medical history. The situation you described is not true to our core values. We are not in the business of taking money from patients who cannot have a procedure with us.
Please contact us at so we can work to resolve your concerns.
Mills, Wyoming

I went in to sono bello, talked to the admission person , filled out the paper work and paid in full 5440.00 for three sections, showed up for my pre surgery appointment and was asked some question about my health, I was asked if I had diabetes and I said yes type 2 , my auger was high so they told me I needed to have an a1c done and could not go forward with the procedure till I got that,they said because I didn't check the box on my admittance form I was going to cost 550 more dollars to reschedule my surgery , so I paid and when got the results on my a1c the doctor said he wouldn't do the procedure, and wouldn't put me on the schedule ether, so after thinking about it , I decided to cancel the whole thing, they took all of my money now 6000.00 all because I missed a box on my admittance paper! What a rip off going to hire an lawyer to fight for a refund!

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Midnight Mike
Renton, Washington, United States #866266

That is very strange, I just an appointment today just to get information and they did a thorough medical review, asked about my diabetes and asked the results of my most recent A1C


Do not let them get away with keeping your money. Sue if you need to, they should not get paid for doing nothing and your signature is not valid. Also report them to your state medical board.

Gloucester Township, New Jersey, United States #834953

The more I read this reviews. The more I do not like this company.. Thanks


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