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We are sorry you are not pleased with our services. The vast majority of our patients are happy they chose Sono Bello for their body contouring services. It sounds like another visit with your surgeon might be a good idea. If you would like to schedule an evaluation or a second opinion from another Sono Bello physician, please contact us at

In Oct 2012they did liposuction and we are in 2014 and have bad results I have sinking spots like potholes.. my husband says they messed up my stomach.

he says my stomach looks worse than before I went into sonobello. looks horrible

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #923530

I went to sonobello in San Antonio for inner and outer thighs. They told me, I could work next day, and should b an easy procedure.

Today marks the 4th day... On 1st day, no pain, 2nd and 3rd day, a little sore..

Today a bit sore, not much bruising and feeling great.... I'll come back in a few months and let u know results.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #840598

Thank you for your comments. They helped tremendously in my decision making.

I was going to schedule an appt. My daughters wedding is next year and I was thinking on Sonobello , so I could look my best. After reading all these negative comments. I have chosen against sonobello.

I know each person is different, but why take the risk. There are much more reputable places or Dr.'s than these at Sonobello.


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