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Dear 1Dlajuwon,

We are very concerned about your experience. We are committed to our patients' results. We put our commitment in writing with our assurance policy that you would have signed prior to your procedures. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity so we can discuss a solution to your concerns. We can be reached at
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OMG dont do it , its a joke I had surgery 2014 I look worse than I did before the staff was very nice my self-esteem have went down and I've paid over 5K and even if you are not satisfied at all they would not give you a refund I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau because I have talked with Suzanne Biersack ,Kateina Powers my doctor was Jeffrey A.Jones the staff voice Was very pleasant all I asked for was my balance to be cleared I've paid overs $1,600 for to look worse after writing a statement for Suzanne to send to corporate and talking with Suzanne Biersack over and over the final decision is that they have never given a refund DONT DO IT

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Maybe you should learn to eat better and exercise instead like everyone who's in good shape?? You're a ***.

to burps #935408

Hi BURPS I Exercise / count my calories also once I went in for a consultation I was convinced that they could help me look better in my clothes didn't work I Look worse now there was no change but permanent scars for over $5000 Also Burps my A°° is awesome


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