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Dear Anonymous,

While our procedures are performed to patients who are awake, we do give our patients certain medications to help them relax. It sounds like the medication did indeed have this effect on you. I cannot tell by your post if you are concerned with the effects of the medication or the results of your procedure. Rest assured your satisfaction and feedback is very important to us. Please reach out to us at your earliest opportunity so we can discuss your concerns at

I had the upper & lower abdomen done as well as my jowl line plus I went through 14 treatments of Venus Freeze but none of it looks any different than prior to all this being done.The time it took was less than what I was quoted which makes me wonder if anything was even done.

They state you will be awake during the surgery but after the arm shot I was out. I don't remember anything until I "woke up" at home (I was awake the entire time but not cognizant). There wasn't much seepage so that wasn't an issue. I just expect to get what I pay for and that didn't happen.

I notified Sono Bello but they don't seem to care. They take your money and run. Plus at the initial consultation I was told they could easily do what I had explained I wanted done but apparently they tell you what you want to hear even if it isn't the truth. I would like to try another company but now I don't have any money to do so since it was spent with Sono Bello on something that didn't work.

What a waste of money and time!If you are planning on having this surgery from Sono Bello do it with the expectation that is will not work and then you won't be disappointed when it doesn't work.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Mission Viejo, California, United States #857793

I am thinking of starting a class action suite I need as many people as possible to join me.

to NuNu #974008

Trying to get money from everywhere since Delta kicked you off I guess!

Santee, California, United States #855953

I can't believe you don't know if they did anything- there wasn't any sign of being operated on- maybe I don't understand- but I'm running the other way


You seriously need to act.Don't just sit back & let them get away with your money!

I hope you have before & after pictures.

If so, take them to a lawyer that works on contingency, & start fighting!!I wish you luck!


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