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Dear Jennwatts,

We are sorry you have such a low opinion of us. We are absolutely committed to our patients' satisfaction, both with their experience and their results. Our physicians are dedicated to their patients and the results achieved. We aim to be transparent, and all of our doctors, including their curriculum vitaes, are posted on our website. Please contact us to discuss your individual experience and what we can do to help. Our email address is

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I cannot tell you enough unprofessional and scary things about this clinic! I had a lipo procedure there over 5 months ago and they totally butchered my body. When I came for my initial consult I was met and evaluated ONLY by some woman with no medical credentials whatsoever. I asked when I would meet a doctor and she informed me "on the morning of my surgery". I realize I am *** to go through it at that point but please hear me out. I then asked who the doctor performing my procedure is and she informed me ..BUT on the day of surgery it was someone totally different! It turns out this doctor wasn't even from here but just flies around to their different clinics stamping out these procedures like an assembly line. I was horrified. After doing some research my investigator has learned this clinic Sonobello was the brainchild of a physician who wanted to create these stripmall clinics all over the USA with rotating docs! Scary!

Stay away from them…. They are dangerous!


Should have been smarter

Product or Service Mentioned: Sono Bello Procedure.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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I had liposuction on my hips. I don't see how a non-medical peson could evaluate the OP and decide if they were a candidate or not, for safe, ethical liposuction.

I had to meet with the doctor because he had to look at at the area I wanted done, to make the determination as to whether I was candidate or not. Poster SkinnyChick needs to pay extra special attention to this part, because she is obviously a ***: People who are overweight are NOT considered candidates for liposuction! This is because it will cause their skin to hang. Also, liposuction is not suppose to be used as a weight-loss tool, it is to treat specific problem areas.

Any reputable doctor will tell you, the best candidates for liposuction are people who are reasonably in shape and at a proper weight. To anyone considering lipo, make sure your doctor is board-certified.

Paramus, New Jersey, United States #780335

I wrote 2 comments roberta and roberta 1970 I am happy maybe so no Bello is.not for many people but that was the only place that take care credit

Paramus, New Jersey, United States #780334

I had it done 6 months ago and I never had a problem little expensive but I am happy with everything :) 9 o

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #697682

Some of these comments are just plain bull. Starting out with 3 stars because I haven't had the procedure yet.

The clinic is pretty nice though be aware the building is behind other locations so you may have trouble finding it at first. However, the building is nice and seems new and the office is spacious. The girls at the front are gracious and try to make your wait comfortable. Having read many reviews, I was aware of what to look for and what I could come across.

Yes, this is a business which means they must make a profit though pushy is not what I experienced. I met initially with April Peck (not a doctor), who answered all my questions and does a good job responding to emails. She answered most, if not all of my questions and gave me the details for what to expect. Once presented with the cost, I did not feel pressured into it at all.

I decided to go ahead with it and will add more to the review once complete. Getting financed was a breeze and in reality, it wasn't really that expensive. There have been some rescheduling for the pre-op appointment but overall, the experience has been good to this point. I did then meet with the doctor and his nurses who did a thorough check and really listened.

We will see what the results yield after 8/7/2013. Update 08/09/2013: Procedure was done 8/7 as planned. Some trouble getting the IV started (Jana - I am a very tough case) but Lisa was able to get it started immediately. They give you Xanax (Alprazolam) for anxiety, Percoset for pain, Cephalexin in case of infection pre-op Promethazine in case of nausea and of course Oxycodon for pain..

I also received a shot of Demerol before it got started so I didn"t feel much. Not a huge narcotic fan so I did feel a little....strange. Needless to say, Dr. Rod is pretty nice, I did have some sensitivity in some areas around the hips but it seems pretty successful.

I still have quite a bit of swelling and some pain thought nothing major. The garment you are supposed to wear kind of sucks but again no big deal. Going to stick with three stars for now until the end results. So far, Dr.

Rod is pretty nice and knows how to perform the procedure.

Don't *** unless you did your homework!! :x

to Piscesyin Tucson, Arizona, United States #778248

how do you feel now after 6+ months... would you do this over, I am schedule for it with Dr. Desvigne


Solution to the problem is not to become a big fat slob in the first place.

to Skinny chick Matawan, New Jersey, United States #964313

I hope your thyroid fails and someone says this to you.

Blackwood, New Jersey, United States #622634


to ROBERTA1970 Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, United States #626565

Same here

to ROBERTA1970 Boston, Massachusetts, United States #735873

You canget it done but not a Sono Bello, I had done 6 month ago after $6000 dollar I looked the same, , horrific pain, avoid then, they are not good at all.


:) Thanks for the info on Sono Bello! I was considering going to this place because of the great TV ads. I will join a health club.


i went to a first visit and yes, the car sales woman, with the super stretched out face had me unbutton my fly, pinched my "huge amount of fat", crunched numbers and said the special that led me to them could not be honored because of my bmi--more fat, means more money. she rushed to suggest an opening for first wed, with the a particular surgeon, when i asked what the name was she only gave me the first naame. Odd professionalism. THe cost $6000 for the stomache alone. When I mentioned it was too expensive, she dropped it to $5000, her bottom line. i said i was coming in for the $1500 groupon special, not paying 4 x more. I mentioned a 2nd appt elsewhere, ODD behavior she wanted to know where, with who, and then bashed Dr. HALL, the competition. BOOO poor work ethics. Tacky.

No medical evaluation.

No surgeon name confirmed--who would conduct procedure.

Too expensive.

"Volume" was the solution for my fear (being awake)

ANYONE who has gone through the procudure, do you really bounce back as they claim.

SHE SAID 48 HRS, back to normal.


Despite all the good/bad news out there. You have to look at how low priced Sono Bello is and the source where these negative comments originate from.

I run a business myself and often times have to deal with competitors who leave me negative feedback because they can't seem to catch customers any other way. They hide behind a fake name or contact info, no way to know who they really are.

I for one, am getting most my body transformed. Going in for two different lipo surgeries. I met with the doctor in the consultation and in roughly ten days undergoing this operation. Their sales lady was efficient, professional and had a sense of humor. Too bad she is married :-p But the front desk one was quite attractive also, and no rings on finger!

I suppose I will return when I get my operation done to let everyone know how it has turned out. My name is Attila and I don't need to hide anywhere. My website is Attila dot com.

to Attila Orlando, Florida, United States #805521

There aren't that many competitors in the world to account for all these negative reviews. And, who the *** cares about how you troll doctor's offices looking for f...k partners?

Why would anyone hire fat people at a lipo office. Get real...your review is totally worthless.


I am a patient of sonobello well i cannot describe what has happened to me in small words but the thing is i went to my 6 months after procedurce appointment and one inner thigh is hanging and the doctor there told me i have to have a thigh lift becuse i had to much fat in my leg. This is totally bogus. Stay away don't go there it's a bunch a bull, beware they sell you something cheaper for a bad's like they say cheap comes with a price...fixing to sue....


I have been considering laser lipo suction and have been looking around for a plastic surgeon Scottsdale I meet with the patient care consultant at Sono Bello after speaking with a few board certified plastic surgeons. This experience was VERY unprofessional.

She basically said “let me see what you want done,” as I showed her my areas of interest in her office. I am a Registered Nurse and I found it VERY uncomfortable not to mention disturbing that someone is doing a physical assessment when they have are NOT a medical professional and have NO medical background. Why doesn’t the board certified plastic surgeon meet with patients to discuss procedures? I do not understand this at all.

Not only was this an uncomfortable experience, she was basically rude to be, as I have done my research, they offer “Smart Lipo,” and I have read about “Slim Lipo,” and she tried to convince me that the Smart Lipo is superior, which is not true. When I told her I decided to go with a board certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale to have my procedure she snapped back saying she’s never heard of his name, even though he has been in practice in the area since the early 90s.

Maybe they should do their homework, have medical professionals do the initial consultation, and stop trying to “sell” a surgical procedure. Having a surgical procedure like this is a big decision to make and I found the whole experience to be very negative and I don’t recommend them as they are truly unprofessional not to mention rude.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #805522

Amen to that. My consultation was with a real board certified doctor. That's why I'm not using sonobulls..t!


I am glad I didn't cave when faced with this "high pressure" sales tactic! I went to my first Sonobello consultation today and was also suprised that I was never given the opportunity to meet with a Physician.

The sales rep (and YES she was CLEARLY a sales rep) became quite chilly when I told her that I wanted to take some time to consider my options, and that I wouldnt be handing her almost $6,000 in cash after a brief consult with someone who obviously was not a Medical professional, but a "number crunching" glorified secretary. Hmmm. When reviewing my medical history, she didnt even have a "basic" understanding of some of the previous surgeries. I found that a little frightening.

Medical terminology should come with the territory. She had me strip down and show her my "problem areas" and confirmed that they could help; but her answers continually changed when I asked about the expected results. She changed the cost of the procedure as a last minute ploy to get me to sign on the preverbial dotted line and drop my cash.

They must me working on commission. Not a good way to do THIS type of business.



to Larry Orlando, Florida, United States #805523

Seriously? You actually expect the government to hone in on sonobello?

The IRS sends refund checks to the same address more than 100 times.

The FDA is decades behind on medications and medical procedure approvals that Europeans enjoy daily. Don't hold your breath.


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