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I was wondering do you have the special buy 2 areas get one free. I want to get my under arms, my back underneath my bra area back of my legs under my butt, maybe my thighs and my face tightened, maybe. I am not big and heavy, just need to look better


If you are looking to treat your arms, back and thighs done , you will get the 4th area free. When you a treat a minimum of 3 areas, the 4th area will be free but I'll suggest that you go in for a consultation. That way, they can take a look t you and determine what will be the best option.



Can you drive home after lipo treatment?


can you drive home after treatment


my body fat area

I only have one fat area I want to get rid of . my abdomen is my fat area.

I can only get my abdomen done if I had three other areas to get done that I don't have. Need help.


Schedule a free Consultation. They will discuss that with you.


There is no minimum on the number of areas we’ll treat. Stomachs are one of our most popular treatment areas.

We see amazing results - here's a link to our before/after gallery If you are interested in learning more about body contouring, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation 1-855-446-5867.


how much for initial appointment. How much time in first appointment. how much area is covered in one treatment.


good morning

I live in the Bahamas...Nassau Bahamas to be exact...I frequent the States at least 2 times a year and is very interested in what Sono Bello has to offer

yes I want to know how much will it cost for a first time appointment...

I'm 50yrs old so interested in the cost to have a minor face lift remove my stuborn belly fat and cellulites from arm hips and tigh

need to complete in 1 treatment



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