So I went for a free consultation..i thought I was consulting with the Dr the whole time and when I asked her are you doing the procedure she said no" I'm not the doctor I'm the consultant "I was so confused she is a sales person definitely on commission the way she was acting telling me how pretty I am and how I have such a wonderful shape..so she asked how I was going to pay for this I told her I wasn't even sure if I was getting the procedure I just wanted info on it...she then tried to get me approved for a loan right then and there...when the finance company denied me she *** near kicked me out the office saying "sorry maybe some other time" she just assumed I didn't have any money cause I am a young minority...i was completely turned off by this treatment..little did she know I had enough money for the procedure..i hope they read this comment..sonobello needs to be more professional ran...it just seems like a scam..in the consultation the second question was how are you going to pay..that just killed it for me...they weren't getting a dime from me!!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1205798

Oh wow something to think about thanks


Wooow this comment they are very bad I'm filling very bad for this peoples I hope they be ok so sad :(


This Sono Bello company sounds like a "fast food", conveyor belt outfit.

The fact that a patient never sees a doctor before surgery, the doctors make comments they should not to patients right before the procedure, they try to get loans on the spot, and so forth: all red flags. When someone dies THEN this company might be shut down.

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I had a consultation at the same place.The consultant was very nice and conversational (They're supposed to peak your interest in doing the procedure)they are a business not a non-profit.

I know everyone is different but most people have done the preliminary research prior to the appt. re: the procedure. I would imagine most people are like me and are really more interested in "how much will this cost?" I was offered the cash option and was also offered the finance option. I do think that the 800# could do a better job explaining the process, so that you are clear of who you are meeting with, because I wasn't initial clear of this either.

I don't think this company is anything near a scam...super exclusive facility and extremely professional.

Good luck all!

PS: I am also a young minority woman.:)


You don't have to play the race card; the assumption the "consultant" made was only one color...green. you should have stopped her at the loan check process and read her the riot act. I know I would have.

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