Oakdale, Minnesota

I made an appointment and down 1 thousand down before reading these reviews. after reading all these reviews I was so worried and regret downing money.

I was worried that it was a scam and I would come out more insecured than I was and I didn't know what to do since I already down 1g and might lose it if I cancel my appointment. I decided to keep my appointment and wing it. I know Sono Bello can't make everyone happy. but we have to realize that they only specialize in one thing *lipo*.

they are not like others plastic surgery that does everything. When you specialize in one thing and been doing it for years they should be good. I researched the surgeon and clinic and then decided to go in worried as heck. Its been only two days and I am actually happy with my surgery.

When you get Liposuction it doesn't mean you will be skinny not doing anything and just sitting there expecting to be skinny and firm. you have to put effort in and eat right and work out to maintain. I hope that helps you all who wants to get it done. As long as u follow the rules and do what was told and eat right and work out you should be fine.

to me its worth the money to spend on if you follow the eating and work out guide line. Yes it is also true you can go back to work in 3 days but you will still be in pain but its tolerated as long you take you pain meds. I am very happy with my surgery and where I went and saw.

every one was pleasant and nice and it was genuine. :)

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Northfield, Minnesota, United States #926893

Learn to write properly or stop posting. What the *** did the english language ever do to you?

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #921371

Hi there..I live in Oakdale, MN myself and have been considering this. May I call you?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #914629

LIARS (Sono Hello)!!!!!!!! You nurses and those consultants need to be fired and all those butchers should have their licenses taken away.

I was soooo excited and thought I'd finally get rid of this round middle for a low price, but I'd rather wait and pay more just to have it done right. Without the scam, lies, anguish, horrible results, bad attitudes, and my hard earned.money lost!! THANK YOU to everyone who wrote a truthful review on Sono Bello. You all have saved myself and a few of my family members from going through this fiasco.

We thank you. I wish you much luck with getting your money returned and correcting the damage they did to your bodies; and more for your pain and suffering.

Sacramento, California, United States #894940

it's possible you could be high on pain meds and not thinking clearly as you write this review. I suggest you re-post now that it's been several months.

Maybe you can post some pics of these fabulous results? Also,part of your argument is that they only specialize in "one thing," lipo... which I agree with and in my opinion this is all the more reason they should be REALLY REALLY good at lipo....right? And they aren't even REALLY good never mind REALLY REALLY good..

Please repost with before and after pics so we may see the results.

Who knows? Maybe you will change my mind about them.


lol such a fake review I had lipo done on my tunny and flanks and let me tell you you need at least 1 week recovery

El Cajon, California, United States #868826

I went in to have liposuction done on my abdomen and was told that if i did not do my hips and love handles that it wouldnt look good. So i said ok makes sense i was also told that id be able to work out after three days and that the swelling and pain would be gone within 3months.

Well let me tell you this has been a nightmare its been almost a year and i still have pain in my upper part of my abdomen. They however did not do all that i paid for. They only did abdomen when i brought it to the surgeon he got rude and told me that he wasnt supposed to do that area until i had him show me the paper we signed that said what we paid for. I was also upset and told him i was extreamly unhappy that there is no change except i can no longer fit in my clothes they are now to small.

I was upset i wont fit into my wedding dress. Well when he looked in my chart and i pointed it out to him while crying from being upset and feeling disfigured from now a limpy fatty right hip he said well ill do it all over again and i promise you that youll look great and be happy as well as fit in to your dress. So i was like ok cool. He and the office mng said well call you in a cpl days to make apt.

I said ok. Well almost 3 weeks came and passed still no call so my husband say maybe I should call them so i did. Well i was greeted with rudeness she said she'll call me back. Well again no call back so i called a week later and asked for Jeniffer the office mng they stated she no longer works there and gave me the name of the new girl so i left msg for her to call me back.

Few days later i got a call back she was rude and pretty much stated that if i want areas done again ill have to pay and that i didnt follow the care after i had Surgery ummm hello i did i ate right i tried to work out but was extreamly painful. She was just straight up rude. I explained to her what the surgeon said he'd do she said he put in notes that i would b charged again except for areas i did not do that i paid for. Also to back up a few months.

On my 3rd pros op i had bad infection and wasnt alowed to see the surgeon but only a nurse that told me tp put neosporin on it that its fine. Well it caused other issued. So its been 10 months since i had the liposuction done am way to afraid to go back to have what they didnt do that i paid for done after their rudeness to me.

Also they never talked nor had me sign anything about a BMI but now thry are telling me i have to...shoot after all i read on here how they just hacked people up ummm no thank you im done with them im going to seek legal matters. So if anyone knows how i can go about that please let me know.

San Diego, California, United States #868803

I think you work there and this is a false statement. Everything that everyone is complaining about is same thing i went through you are the only one that had good experience hmmmm this sounds fishy unless you just had your chin done. I had no change except more inches and issues from it still pain a yr later plus they didnt do everything i paid for and became very rude.


All you people that have been ripped off need to contact the Atty General and see about a class action lawsuit!!!


No matter what u do(unless your tone in first place) your skin sags, with all the complaints I read I would never let them touch me


"Its been only two days and I am actually happy with my surgery."

"Yes it is also true you can go back to work in 3 days but you will still be in pain but its tolerated as long you take you pain meds." ....Um how would you know if its only been 2 days?

Nice try. Clearly a fake review.

Miami, Florida, United States #837716

CLEARLY, you only had your chin area done or you're just a Sonobello employee is trying to defend your crooked product. There is NO way you just had a large percent of your fat sucked out of your body and just two days after the procedure you're all giddy and smiles.

There are much more terrifying stories of people who are just trying to feel good about themselves, yet end up in this disaster then people who are truly satisfied with the thousands they've paid with their desired results.

Try another website where you can mislead innocent people.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #868804

I agree i think it was only chin or they work there because every review ive read that was bad is same as mine

Lathrop, California, United States #825929

Hi, I am not at all trying to put a negative spin on your post(but what are you pissed about)at all. Just reiterating mine, it would not have been even remotely possible for me to return to work in 3 days(no way not a chance), most employers dont want you at work with narcotics in your system anyway, not sure your profession, so maybe ok.

If you read all the reviews, mine stated I followed their regimen and did not gain the results discussed.(mind you only slightly overweight(to me)to begin with). Basically look the same with lumps from uneven suctioning.

Im not sure what area you had done but its practically impossible for the swelling to be gone in 2 days to know what your results are. I am very glad you are happy with results but if your not pissed try Yelp or other review sites to express your satisfaction.


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