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I am waiting for Tom Barr President of Sono Bello to finally resolve this nightmare lipo procedure and refund my $8000.00 to me.This Edina company is very shady.

It starts from the minute you walk through that door for your " free consultation". Believe me,there is nothing "free" about it! For you women thinking you want to have any kind of procedure done by Sono Bello, don't!!

Stay away..they are fake staff,they lie right to your face.All they want is your money. Cassi the money taker,her job is to get you to sign the paperwork as quick as she can and move things along.

This company will have nothing to do with you after,especially if your procedure didn't work as promised by Cassi.

She says anything to get you to just sign.You can see the eagerness in her face.

I will keep you updated on my outcome.


Original review posted by user Jan 13, 2017

This review is a subjective opinion of a customer whom was ripped off big time by Sono Bello.This company needs to take some responsibility in making consumers aware that these procedures do not work on everybody.

In fact most of the commercials you see on TV, those models have had procedure's done more than one time on a particular area. And why do we only see I think her name is "Gina" on the commercial for the last 3 years!!!!! Because its just a money making business that flat out makes consumers believe that their outcome is going to be successful, about probably 10% actually are. The Edina office will not admit to me that this didn't work.

Dr.Volk told me at almost my year mark from having procedure done to go home and lose some weight.. RUDE!!!! Oh, Cassi," the money taker" flat out lied about my results and to make matters worse she requested a credit increase on my cc without my consent!!!!!! She's sneaky,she dishonest to consumers and all she cares about is moving things along and get you to sign and boom....8000.00!!!!!

I am not sure that Sono Bello is aware that the Minnesota Statue 325D.44 outlines "Deceptive Trade Practices". Subsection 4 deems "deceptive representations"as an act of deceptive trade. That is the case with the commercials. I have plenty more...

I will not give this up until I am fully refunded for going through *** physically during procedure and recovery and mentally having to deal with this, and financially I am disputing my cc for these services..so they will be in contact with Sono Bello.LB

Review about: Sono Bello Liposuction Procedure.

Reason of review: my abdominal area has hard chunky areas,I hate my body. I was mislead into what I was paying for..

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer serv and pricing, Inability to be honest upfront, Fake sale customer a bad product, Cassi who lied right to my face, Cassis urgency when explaing procedure and collecting money.

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Thank you for your honest comments as there are many negative comments.I was going to make an appt but thank you.

I shall look elsewhere.Anonymous


Let us know the outcome!!!!Cuz I ended up in the ER --cuz of too much blood loss.

I asked them if they would pay for that at least and they said NO!

My total came to $27,000….

So the least they could of done was pay for that!

My procedures were done Jan.And Feb.of this year.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1283667

Yes..it does not work!!! My mom had these done.No results at all BEWARE RIP OFF!!!!

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