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When I went in for a forehead life I was told they could not offer thst but then proceeded to sell me on a mini facelift and told me it was very simple non invasive etc. I paid money down and scheduled the surgery and pre op.

At the pre op. Appt with the nurse and surgeon it became apparent that the recovery time and invasiveness of the surgery was much more than had been described to me in the sales appointment. We (husband and I) decided to delay the surgery for one year (because I have summers off and needed more time to recuperate, we also wanted to prepare our son for what he would see when I arrived back home) sono bello refused to refund my down payment or reschedule the surgery.

They basically said I am a "bad risk" and didn't incur any of the responsibility for selling me on a procedure by describing it as much less invasive the it actually is. Now I have one year to use my down payment or forfeit it.

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Sounds like hard sell tactics. Should not be legal in medical procedures.

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