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I want to thank Jenny who helped me understand the procedure and the process. Everyone was very nice to me. I was very nervous but jenny helped me alot. I highly recommend sono Bello. Sono Bello staff in Chicago are awesome and kind. Thank you so much. NCollins Read more

Dear Diary, my journey has begun with Sono Bello my new friends. As I started my journey I met with Michelle (consultant), she was so nice. She did not come off as a car sales man but more as a friend ( she gives out free hugs). I told her what I wanted and was looking for and she explained everything to me. She even shared her personal experience with Sono Bello. By this time I was sold and ready to take a step into the right direction and get... Read more

Everyone at the Greenwood Village Office is fantastic and informative they get to know you. I had my legs done. Best thing I ever have done. I am still swollen and healing as it has only been two weeks since the procedure, but I smile all the time not only on the outside but the inside too. In a year I am going to get my upper part done and I am so excited. Dr. Jones is a super doctor. I would highly recommend this office. If you are thinking... Read more

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I had my lower and upper abdomen and upper back liposuctioned. I was told that I would see results overtime. It has been over a year and I still do not see to much of a change. When I went back for a checkup the nurse made me feel as though I was fat and it was my fault that the change had no taken place. I was upset when I left and have not been back. The GeForce and after pictures shown are a fraud. My stomached is still hanging with fat and... Read more

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I started my procedure with Sono Bello in December of 2015. During the interviewing process I spoke with inception officer got pricing and general answers to questions that I had in regards to the procedure. At that time I asked about my arms and what could be done. The individual that I saw told me that I shouldn't do my arms as it generally doesn't work. I was then introduced to the surgeon after signing contracts and setting up a date... Read more

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I went to Sono Bello in Tampa Fl on Boy Scout Rd. and was greeted by the patient consultant who informed me that the work I wanted done would be perfect for me. I went in for a chin/jow line lipo. I was approved for credit for an amount above and beyond what i needed so the consultant helped me decide that it would be cheaper if I did other procedures together with the one i had gone in for. This way they could do a "group" type discount. I... Read more

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I had venus legacy treatment done on my arms for 10 treatments at the sacramento area in Howe ave on July 16 2016. This treatment was recommended to me by a consultant name Naomi. She said its half price $2,500 and it will not get offered for awhile. I fell for it and paid her cash. After the ten treatment did not see any results, my arms are still fat. I was not happy so the manager gave me 4 free treatment and still did not see results. On the... Read more

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They are a meat market! Go here if you want scars!!!! All they care about is $$$$$$$$$$ They pressure their staff to sell to even high risk patients making it not medically safe! Read more

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Review #855909 by anonymous. I am retracting the date of my surgery. It was 09/28/2015. Sorry about that typo. I am now a year and 1 month post surgery. I hate my body. What I have noticed is that the areas where fat was removed, fat has settled in the areas below. For example, I my upper abs/bra roll done. I kept noticing about 6 months after my long sleeve shirts were tight in my upper arms. And my jeans that I wore the day I had the surgery... Read more

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I had my facelift and lower and upper eyes done sep 10. 15 days ago. Went to have my stitches removed and it was so painful. worse than having a child.i am in excruciating pain. my scalp cuts are spliting open and green. completely numbed still uneven eyes cuts and bruises and my neck left with with a big hurtful lump. medicine is gone havent been able to go back to work. in pain with infection and botched... I NEED HELP.on one side my... Read more

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Paid over $7 grand- 3 months later check up showed no results in photo or measurements. Major ripoff! Very dissatisfied. Just blew all my life savings to start over after a horrendous divorce! Read more

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This is a brief account of my Sonobello experience at the Schaumburg IL location. My initial consultation was with a "Patient Care Consultant" who is not medically trained or part of the procedure. The Consultant is basically a Sonobello sales person who handles the scheduling for your procedure. After a high pressure sales technique I was persuaded to pay $6800 for upper/lower abs and love handles (flanks) which I paid in full before leaving... Read more

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I have a complaint rather than a review. I paid $250 for 3 Venus treatments - I was told on my very first one that I needed a doctors clearance so they would just do a "demo". I explained that I am moving out of state in 3 weeks and was assured we could fit the treatments in. I was almost at the studio for my first when I got a call that they needed to cancel. Again, I explained my dilemma about moving and was told she would give me a call back.... Read more

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